Hypersymmetry: Physics of the Isotopic Field-Charge Spin Conservation

Hypersymmetry: Physics of the Isotopic Field-Charge Spin Conservation

György Darvas | 2021 | ISBN: 3110713179 | English | 219 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Series: De Gruyter Textbook

The book describes how field-charges, split into isotopic pairs, can commute and identifies the group of transformations that governs this exchange between their states. Invariance under this group is defined as Hypersymmetry. The book develops the physical consequences of Hypersymmetry such as conserved property, quanta and mediating bosons of the interaction field. Since all this expands beyond the standard model, the work determines the energy limits of the applicability of Hypersymmetry and discusses, how to remove the unwanted mass of the predicted set of bosons. Finally, it presents how the model can be applied in the four fundamental interactions.

• Comprehensive work covering recent research.
• Detailed calculations for a step by step understanding.
• Useful reading for master students and researchers in theoretical and experimental physics.
• A practical textbook for courses on the physics of the isotopic field-charges, their conservation and interactions.

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