Psychology, 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition

Psychology, 3rd Australian and New Zealand Edition
Douglas A. Bernstein (et al.) | 2021 | ISBN: 0170445372 | English | 1064 pages | PDF | 56 MB

Studying psychology is both exciting and rewarding - it’s the beginning of a journey which may take you down diverse pathways. In our experience, most students enter the introductory course thinking that psychology concerns itself mainly with personality, psychological testing, mental disorders, psychotherapy and other aspects of clinical psychology. They have little or no idea of how broad and multifaceted psychology can be. So many students are surprised when we ask them to read about neuroanatomy, neural communication, the endocrine system, sensory and perceptual processes and principles, prenatal risk factors and many other topics that they tend to associate with disciplines other than psychology.

Psychology present an opportunity to discover the reasons behind human behaviour and to address the issues which impact upon this behaviour. As you work your way through this text, you will not only gain psychological knowledge but also develop skills with which to evaluate human behaviour.

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