Sensor Network Protocols

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Sensor Network Protocols

Imad Mahgoub, Mohammad Ilyas | 2006 | ISBN: 0849370361 | English | 248 pages | PDF | 7 MB

Series: No Series

Sensor networks continue to grow in importance for modern communication networks. Communication protocols are at the core of these networks, determining their ability to function, their capabilities, and the environments in which they are able to operate. In chapters carefully selected from the popular Handbook of Sensor Networks, Sensor Network Protocols supplies a sharply focused reference on protocols, security, data processing, and energy management in communication sensor networks that is ideal for specialists in the field.

Providing a succinct guide to the protocols currently used in advanced sensor networks, this book focuses on four main areas: routing protocols; data gathering and processing; security and reliability; and energy management. The book opens with a survey of the challenges and opportunities facing the field. Then, expert contributors authoritatively discuss routing technologies, next-generation enabling technologies, comparative study of energy-efficient protocols for wireless sensor networks, techniques to reduce computation and communication energy consumption, energy-aware routing, localized algorithms for sensor networks, and much more.

Sensor Network Protocols details the techniques and technologies that are at the heart of modern sensor networks. It is an ideal reference for anyone interested in designing, planning, or building emerging sensor and communications networks.

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