The Art of Speeches and Presentations: The Secrets of Making People Remember What You Say (Audiobook)

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The Art of Speeches and Presentations: The Secrets of Making People Remember What You Say (Audiobook)

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Philip Collins / Narrated by Nigel Carrington

Whether you like it or loathe it, public speaking is something many of us have to do. Be it presentations to colleagues or speeches to a room full of near-strangers, we all want to shine…or at least get through it with our dignity intact. Luckily Philip Collins, former Chief Speech Writer to Tony Blair, knows exactly what’s needed to give a storming speech. The secret, according to Philip, is content. Too many of us focus on how we’re presenting, and don’t spend enough time thinking about what we’re presenting. The secret to memorable, polished speeches is to think more about the material you’re sharing - to pay attention to detail and choose your works carefully. Speech-writing is and art - and an art we can all learn.

In The Art of Speeches and Presentations Philip Collins provides you with a concise set of tools, preparing you for any speaking occasion. Ranging from the ancient history of rhetoric to what makes Barack Obama such a good speaker, it’s packed with practical examples and tips to teach you the craft of speaking well and making people remember what to say. Philip Collins was Chief Speech Writer to Prime Minister Tony Blair. His work at No.10 Downing Street entailed the coordination, writing, and editing of all the PM's speeches, including addresses on economic policy, European policy, education, health, law and order and the major conference speeches. Prior to his time working with the Prime Minister, Philip was an investment banker, ending his time in the City as the top-ranked equity strategist in the smaller-companies sector.

He has also worked in TV and as a teacher and academic. He has published two novels with Harper Collins and a number of academic books on broadcasting policy and public-service reform. Philip is currently a columnist at The Times and Visiting Fellow in the Department of Public Policy at Oxford.

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