The Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles

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The Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Christopher F. Foss | 2003 | ISBN: 1862271887 | English | 544 pages | PDF | 303 MB

The comprehensive guide to over 900 armoured fighting vehicles from 1915 to the present day

This is an authoritative and lavish guide to the vehicles built for use in the front line from 1900 to the present day and is a comprehensive illustrated reference tool for the armoured fighting vehicles of the world, both past and present.

- Details over 900 tanks, armoured personnel carriers, tank destroyers, reconnaissance vehicles, armoured cars and self propelled guns from the British Mk I tank of World War I to the German Tiger of World War II and the American M1 Abrams seen today.
- Divided into sections by country, each section is further divided into four categories: tanks, reconnaissance vehicles, armoured personnel carriers and tank destroyers/assault guns.
- Entries within each category are listed chronologically for easy reference.
- Each entry is accompanied by a description of its development and service record, and full specifications are given with both imperial and metric measurements.
- Includes full colour artworks, including cutaways and colour and black and white photographs of the vehicles.
- Contains entries on all the major types of armoured fighting vehicle since 1900.

Countries included are USA, Germany, Britain, Soviet Union, France, Canada, China, Japan, Italy, Israel and Sweden.

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