The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want

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The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want

Dantalion Jones | 2008 | ISBN: 1440485445 | English | 152 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This book is about nothing loftier than getting what-you-want. This book is not about spiritual ideal, abundance thinking, manifestation consciousness, prosperity awareness, or an of the usual crap that fills the self-help shelves of a new age book store.

This book is simply about getting what-you-want.

Whether you want to get rich, get laid or get even, this is the book to read.

There is no honor in poverty and self-sacrifice unless it moves you in the direction of you destiny. "The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want" proposed that there is no greater spiritual achievement than to become a living force of nature to whom it would appear that even the gods would bow.

Of course, this book is forbidden.

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