The Intelligence of Nations

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The Intelligence of Nations

Richard Lynn, David Becker | 2019 | ISBN: 0993000169 | English | 436 pages | PDF | 5 MB

In Western Europe, the United States and Canada intelligence declines as a result of dysgenic immigration consisting of the continued settlement of immigrants with lower intelligence and greater fertility than that of the host populations. Measures designed to prevent this, such as building a wall along the American-Mexican border or attempting to restrict immigration into Western Europe, will be ineffective. The decline of intelligence will reduce the economic, technological, scientific and military power of these countries.

National IQs will continue to decline in Eastern Europe, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand as a result of the low fertility of high IQ career women but the decline will not so great as in Western Europe, the United States and Canada because in these countries there is little dysgenic immigration.

So with intelligence increase in China and decline in Europe and the United States, China is likely to emerge as the world's superpower in the second half of the twenty-first century.

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