15 Cheat Sheet Collection in Python + Git + NumPy + ML + Mindset

15 Cheat Sheet Collection in Python + Git + NumPy + ML + Mindset

English | 2021 | ISBN: NA | 15 pages | True PDF | 2.35 MB

Easy + Quick Learning with Finxter's Best Cheat Sheets

This 15x PDF collection is a compilation of the best cheat sheets created for my free Finxter Email Academy that teaches Python in byte-sized video and cheat sheet lessons.

Here are the 15 cheat sheets sampled into a single PDF file for ease of printing and studying

Python Cheat Sheet - Keywords
Python Cheat Sheet - Basic Data Types
Python Cheat Sheet - Complex Data Types
Python Cheat Sheet - Classes
Python Cheat Sheet - Functions and Tricks
Python Cheat Sheet: 14 Interview Questions
Python Cheat Sheet: NumPy
Python Cheat Sheet: Object Orientation Terms
Test Sheet - Help Alice Find Her Coding Dad!
Cheat Sheet - 6 Pillar Machine Learning Algorithms
The Simple Git Cheat Sheet – A Helpful Illustrated Guide
Machine Learning Cheat Sheet - Support Vector Machines
Python Cheat Sheet: List Methods
The Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet
Book Summary - The Finer Art of Creating Software

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