Buzz: Engaging The Soul Of A Small Business


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Buzz: Engaging The Soul Of A Small Business
Lura Fischer, "Buzz: Engaging The Soul Of A Small Business"
English | ISBN: 0996792317 | 2015 | EPUB | 316 pages | 3,5 MB

A business story: It begins with a Japanese Zen koan — a parable that teases the brain — from DT, a sinister billionaire. Taki Fujimori must draw on her samurai heritage to battle nefarious forces in the workplace and save her young company from dying. At the same time, a 500-year flood threatens to sweep her away into oblivion. But Taki’s quest for her mother’s diary may cost her everything, as she pieces together her family’s past, intertwined with DT’s demons. Fortunately, her brother’s ghost keeps her one step ahead, but he, too, has his own agenda … Armed with vitality, genius, and heart – her core values – she risks it all to launch a free-energy device with an enigmatic stranger that will revolutionize how both employees and an enterprise can sustain wellbeing and performance. Advancing business strategies and management tools weave into the story to assist even the most experienced business operator.


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