Consecrating Science: Wonder, Knowledge, and the Natural World


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Consecrating Science: Wonder, Knowledge, and the Natural World
ISBN: 0520294971, 0520294998 | 2017 | EPUB | 296 pages | 1 MB

Debunking myths behind what is known collectively as the new cosmology”a grand, overlapping set of narratives that claim to bring science and spirituality together”Lisa H. Sideris offers a searing critique of the movements anthropocentric vision of the world. In Consecrating Science, Sideris argues that instead of cultivating an ethic of respect for nature, the new cosmology encourages human arrogance, uncritical reverence for science, and indifference to nonhuman life. Exploring moral sensibilities rooted in experience of the natural world, Sideris shows how a sense of wonder can foster environmental attitudes that will protect our planet from ecological collapse for years to come.

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