Creative Safety Solutions, 2nd Edition

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Creative Safety Solutions, 2nd Edition
Creative Safety Solutions, Second Edition (Occupational Safety & Health Guide Series) by Thomas D Schneid
2015 | ISBN: 148221654X | English | 236 pages | PDF | 9 MB

In today's rapidly changing workplace, safety and loss prevention professionals cannot always "go by the book" for the answers to new and unique problems and issues. When there is no tried-and-true solution to a problem, safety and loss prevention professionals must think outside of the box of conventional solutions and develop new and creative solutions. Creative Safety Solutions, Second Edition stimulates creative thinking by identifying some of the new programs, new ideas, and new solutions being tried by other professionals in the field. By thinking outside of the box, the book will help you create new ways to improve the workplace.

New Chapters in the Second Edition:

It Is Your Safety Program-Empowering Employees in Safety
Safety and Health Vision and Values
Safety and Health Profession
Impact of Safety and Health on Your Organization
Human Resources and Safety and Health
Does Happy = Safe?
Circular Safety Management
Injecting Creativity into Training Activities
Combating Risk with Innovation
Eliminate Boring from Your Safety Programs
Critical and Creative Thinking in Safety and Health
Achievement Is Addictive
Lost but Not Forgotten
Appendix: Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

In this book, safety expert Thomas Schneid has assembled a number of creative solutions that have been tried and tested and have worked for many organizations. These are not all of the great ideas and solutions developed in the safety and loss prevention area―all of the ideas have not already been used. These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg, and the author challenges you to find new and better ways of doing your job within the safety and loss prevention function. These creative solutions to safety and loss prevention problems can help spur you to think about your activities and job duties and find new and creative ways of advancing the safety and loss prevention field.


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