Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents

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Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents (repost)

English | 2011 | ISBN: 143980477X | 228 pages | PDF | 3,8 MB

Novel drug delivery technologies strive to bypass challenging biological layers to elicit desired pharmacological activity. The skin, one of our key defensive barriers, allows certain topically applied substances and toxins to pass. The dermatokinetics of a drug determines the efficacy of treatment of skin disorders.

Presenting the first comprehensive reference on this important area of research, Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents includes a general overview of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of dermatokinetics and addresses the impact of a drug delivery system on the dermatokinetics of drugs. Chapters and illustrations cover introductory aspects and the significance, methods, and models used in dermatokinetic studies of therapeutic agents.

Topics include:

Theoretical Models for Dermatokinetics of Therapeutic Agents
Drug Delivery Approaches to Modulate Dermatokinetics of Drugs
Conventional Methods of Cutaneous Drug Sampling
Cutaneous Microdialysis
Sampling Substrates by Skin Permeabilization
Spectroscopic Techniques in Dermatokinetics Studies
Regulatory Perspective of Dermatokinetic Studies

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