Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals

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Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals

Wallace Jackson, "Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals"
English | ISBN: 1484216393 | 2016 | 188 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Digital Image Compositing Fundamentals is an introductory title covering concepts central to digital imagery and digital image compositing using software packages such as Adobe Photoshop or the open source GIMP software, which is used for this book because it is free for commercial use. This book builds on the fundamental concepts of pixels, color depth and layers, and gets more advanced as chapters progress, covering pixel transparency using the alpha channel, pixel blending using Porter-Duff blending and transfer modes, and digital image file formats and key factors regarding a data footprint optimization work process. What You'll Learn: * What are the most common memes in digital imaging * What comprises a digital image compositing pipeline * What are the concepts behind digital imaging * How to install and use GIMP 2.8 or 2.9 * What are and how to use the concepts behind color depth and image optimizationAudience: This book is for those new to image compositing, editing. Ideal for web developers, game developers who need to learn these kinds of fundamentals quickly and effectively.


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