Ehrlich's Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition

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Ehrlich's Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition
Ehrlich's Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition by Henry Lutz Ehrlich and Dianne K. Newman
English | 2015 | ISBN: 1466592400 | 649 pages | PDF | 38,8 MB

Advances in geomicrobiology have progressed at an accelerated pace in recent years. Ehrlich’s Geomicrobiology, Sixth Edition surveys various aspects of the field, including the microbial role in elemental cycling and in the formation and degradation of minerals and fossil fuels. Unlike the fifth edition, the sixth includes many expert contributors besides the editors, providing added depth to each topic and broadening this edition’s overall insight into geomicrobiology.

The Sixth Edition Includes:

Extensive revisions and updates to most chapters from the fifth edition
A new chapter on terrestrial subsurface ecosystems
A new chapter summarizing important principles of geomicrobiology
New discussions and references on the latest findings and theories in geomicrobiology

Through revisions, updates, and the introduction of new authors who are specialists on the topics covered, this new edition is the most in-depth and current overview of geomicrobiology. The research presented has applications in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, marine science, the metals industry, and more. The new breadth and scope as well as the current and developing applications which this book addresses make it a must-have source in geomicrobiology.



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