Epilepsy in Women

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Epilepsy in Women

Epilepsy in Women (The Facts Series) by Tim Betts and Harriet Clarke
English | 2009 | ISBN: 0199548838 | 184 pages | PDF | 0,7 MB

"Women with epilepsy have different needs than men with epilepsy, especially at various stages in their life cycle. Epilepsy and its treatment can affect or compromise the menstrual cycle, contraception, fertility and pregnancy, child development in the womb, child care, and menopause. Conversely, the mesntrual cycle, contraception, pregnancy, and menopause can all affet epilepsy and its manaegment.

Epilepsy in Women: The Facts adopts the female perspective and describes in detail the special problems that epilepsy can cause. It offers information and practical advice on the symptoms, diagnosis, and management of the different types of epilepsy, providing an invaluable resource that will empower women with the knowledge that they need to take control of their health and to cope with their condition. The book contains numerous case histories, which provide surprising insights into the experiences of women with epilepsy, and 'Myths' and 'Facts' boxes, which help the reader immediately highlight the most important information.



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