Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety (Food Biology Series) by Md. Latiful Bari, Dike O. Ukuku

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Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety
Foodborne Pathogens and Food Safety (Food Biology Series) by Md. Latiful Bari, Dike O. Ukuku
2015 | ISBN: 1498724086 | English | 280 pages | EPUB,MOBI | 10 MB

Foodborne pathogens continue to cause major public health problems worldwide and have escalated to unprecedented levels in recent years. In this book, major foodborne diseases and the key food safety issues are discussed elaborately. In addition, emerging and reemerging microbial agents and other food safety related topics are discussed. This book also addresses the challenges facing both developed and developing countries to ensure food safety in the development of new food products and processing technologies, internationalization of food trade, safety of foods derived from biotechnology, microbiological risks, and emergence of new and antibiotic-resistant pathogens, particularly from emerging pathogens.

This book was written so that readers can easily understand content aimed at enhancing continuing global efforts to deliver safe food and improve health and environmental conditions in developing countries. The book is useful in getting the latest information in food safety and foodborne pathogens. The comprehensive contents include coverage of:

Foodborne microbial agents and their growth, survival, and death in food
Emerging and reemerging foodborne pathogens
Emergence of drug-resistant pathogens
Impact of climate change on foodborne pathogens
Technology for rapid and accurate detection of foodborne pathogens
Risk analysis, assessment, and pathogen management in food
Strategies to destroy or control foodborne pathogens
Biosecurity issues and the implications of new regulatory guidelines
Worldwide food safety status

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