Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start

Get It Done: The 21-Day Mind Hack System to Double Your Productivity and Finish What You Start

English | September 22, 2018 | ISBN: 1631610635 | 211 pages | EPUB | 0.46 MB

If You Only Had 21 Days Left to Live, What Would You Want to Accomplish Before You Go?
Bringing your most important ideas to life isn't easy. If you find yourself procrastinating, too busy to get your most important work done, or not sure how to get started, something needs to change before it's too late.

You're only going to live for a set number of years, and once your time is up you won't be able to check off your bucket list, accomplish that important goal, or achieve your dreams. So how can you possibly be too busy to get the most important things in life done?

If you're honest with yourself, you probably have a seemingly endless list of excuses-too busy, too tired, too to do... But deep down, there is a nagging feeling that something's wrong, and you know you could be further along in your work than you are now-if only you just did what you knew you needed to do.

The truth is life is complex, there will always be more work to do, and nothing you can do will change that. What you can do is learn a better system for dealing with life's complexity so you can handle it well.

That means you'll finally be able to get your most important work done faster and easier than ever before.

This book is for you if ...You're overwhelmed, overworked, and wanting more from lifeYou're under-achieving and under-delivering on your promises to yourself and othersYou're tired of your own excuses because you know you can do betterYou want more freedom, more income, and more impactYou have important work to do before you leave this worldAnd most importantly...<Br>You're up for the challenge of achieving your biggest goals in life!My Big PromiseI believe you could be at least 10 times more successful than you currently are. All you need to make this huge leap in productivity is to pay attention to what really matters, stay focused on your most important project, and stop wasting time working in the weeds (you know, those things you do that aren't getting you where you want to go in life).

I believe you have greatness within you. Once you get rid of those ineffective working habits, excuses for holding back, and annoying voices in your head, you'll be free to achieve your biggest goals and projects in life fearlessly-faster than you ever thought possible.

Today Can be the Day That Everything Changes for YouThis book is designed to get you results in your business and life by giving you the systems, tools, and mindset you need to bring your biggest ideas and most important projects to life in 21 days or less.

By reading and applying the principles you're about to learn, you'll be able to:
Start Projects you've been putting offFinish projects you've started but stalled onShip your work (get it out of your head, off your laptop, and into the world where it's meant to be)Make more money (by completing projects that add massive value to the world)And 10x your 21 Days or less!

This additional training resource will help you to supercharge your productivity, destroy resistance, and make things happen. You'll become a part of the Get It Done community, and we'll help you succeed.

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