Growlers, Sausages, Bangers, Pies: Recipes - How to make them (1.0)


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Growlers, Sausages, Bangers, Pies: Recipes - How to make them (1.0)
English | 19 Aug. 2017 | ASIN: B074YPVRK7 | 501 Pages | PDF | 2.46 MB

As far as I know this is the largest collection of recipes for making sausages that exists. You will see there are 430 Sausage Recipes and another 212 Sausage names that I do not have the recipes for at this moment. As they come available I will be updating the book - the magic of ebooks !
How long does it take to write a book ? 25+ years in my case ! I started this book on the making of sausages from all natural ingredients that many years ago when I started a database of my recipes and others. This grew and grew very quickly to almost the size it is now but, of course, in those days, we did not have ebooks so it stayed on my computer moving up the upgrades with the database until ebooks and ibooks arrived.
I make no excuses for taking so long to publish it but, finally, I am here.
It is important to me to tell the world about these recipes as, you will notice, they are all [almost - I will explain] made without any preservatives - they are not needed ! I have included some that do have these preservatives but they are there to show how this insidious evil has crept into our lives and how we cannot rely on governments to stop it.

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