How to Defend Yourself: Cane - Fists - Dirty Tricks

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How to Defend Yourself: Cane - Fists - Dirty Tricks

English | December 15, 2018 | ASIN: B07LDXGDQR | 113 pages | AZW3 | 1.76 MB

Cane, sword cane, katana, eye-gouging, razors, kicks, arm-bars & neck snappers, it is all right here in Georges DuBois manual for self defense written just after the turn of the century. As head of security at the #1 entertainment venue in Paris, Master-at Arms Dubois had plenty of experience wrangling drunks and thumping street thugs who lurked about waiting for well-dressed marks coming home late from work. While we may never need his advice on runaway horses, duels, or the ad-hoc fire safety measures which were the only sort available at that time, you are sure to find some nasty tricks for getting out of a scrape that never occurred to you in these pages. The advice of a man with such grit, cunning, and good humor is timeless.

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