Innovative Internet Secrets: Increase your internet productivity and efficiency by a factor of ten . . . or more

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Innovative Internet Secrets: Increase your internet productivity and efficiency by a factor of ten . . . or more
Innovative Internet Secrets: Increase your internet productivity and efficiency by a factor of ten . . . or more (Secrets Guide Series Book 2) by Doug Knell
English | July 15, 2015 | ASIN: B011SJ3DCI | 254 Pages | MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 2.92 MB
Give Me A Couple Of Hours And I'll Turn You Into An Internet Wizard! There are other internet books and they work as excellent paperweights and have some therapeutic benefits, too: you can use them to put you to sleep.

Trust us: what you know about the internet isn't as much as you think you know. Beyond the basics, how clued in are you really about the internet?

Because the internet plays such an integral role in our lives, yet in informal testing, close to 92% of internet users scored no more than basic competence with it.

I can hear you from here: "Basic competence is good enough for me. Why would I want or need to do more than that?" You can use the Google and Bing search engines, surf with internet browsers, get around the Gmail and Hotmail interfaces, buy an airline ticket at Expedia, order a book at Amazon, and post an update at Facebook.

Is that mastery? Or is that a sense of smugness with one's current situation? Complacency never does anyone any favors. If the complacent had won out, we'd still believe the world is flat and airplane flight is impossible. Do you really need to be told that the internet is one of those things you cannot afford to be complacent about? You know that already. Your livelihood, your identity, your social networks, your ability to distinguish yourself from the competition will all one day be measured by the breadth and depth of your internet skills. We may be mistaken about just one thing. That day may have already arrived!

Every single one of these internet secrets will shoot your internet productivity into the stratosphere and leave you head and shoulders above your peers. We're not naive to think you don't know any of these secrets, but we're confident you don't know about most of them.

Any of these 100+ internet hacks will more than make up for the book's cost

Keeping your computer and other devices protected: the best anti-virus & malware tools internet tools you should install to keep your computer, mobile phone, and tablet from being crippled.

Setting up sharable internet networks wherever you happen to be, like standing in front of Buckingham Palace.

Accessing region sensitive content from anywhere - for free.

Using your bookmarks across all internet browsers and platforms.

Avoiding internet scams.

Backing up your computer or device before it's too late.

Downloading and viewing internet videos offline. In case you don't know, video streaming sucks bandwidth from your 3G/4G plan.

Keeping your identity safe.

Transferring large files.

Setting up online music libraries so you can listen to your music anywhere, anytime.

Shopping on the internet for the absolute best prices.

Viewing web sites optimally on any device.

Remembering your passwords for any site and situation.

The best messaging and phone tools for audio and video chatting across computer, phone, and tablet.

And much, much more.
Some of these internet secrets you could discover if you knew where to look, but it would take you months to collect the same knowledge you'll find here. Other internet tools we've picked up from years of experience. You won't find those gems anywhere else.

You will not find another internet book this practical or enjoyable for any price. The new internet is here to stay. Let us be you tour guide along this infinitely more diverse Information Superhighway.


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