Kama Sutra by Laura Lalli


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Kama Sutra by Laura Lalli
Kama Sutra: The Secrets of Kama Sutra to Induce Extreme Pleasure in Your Partner Easy by Laura Lalli
English | 25 pages | 2016ISBN: 1518846750 | Non-Fiction | Epub,PDF,MOBI | 1MB

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to answer any problems of getting it on in the bedroom.
Every relationship needs a spice. While excitement can be present during the first years, a lot of factors such as stress, work, financial problems and even your environment can affect your sex life. Without properly communicating with your partner, having activities that would bring you closer to each other, and lesser intimacy with each other, your relationship can become shaky and these factors have led to many break-ups.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…

The secret history of Kama Sutra
The Secret to preparing
How to please him
How to please her
Secrets to heightened pleasure
Much, much more!

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