Leo Tolstoy's Family Recipe Book by Sergei Beltyukov

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Leo Tolstoy's Family Recipe Book
Sergei Beltyukov, "Leo Tolstoy's Family Recipe Book"
2014 | ASIN: B00KI26OWI | 75 pages | PDF | 0,5 MB

Disclaimer for VEGETARIANS:Leo Tolstoy become vegetarian when he was 50 years old. Before that his true passion was hunting. So, do not expect only vegetarian recipes.
œLeo Tolstoy's family recipe book Inspiring and original French and Imperial Russian recipes that will transport your taste and imagination back to a grandiose bygone era.

How to quickly gain a reputation of an exceptional housewife? Aesthetics, fancy table layout, complex dishes, rituals and entertainment…
Bad news: this is not enough. Good news: there is always a secret ingredient. And it can be found in this book.
This is not just a collection of Leo Tolstoys wifes cooking recipes. This is a direct ticket to a far-away place with a wonderful atmosphere.
Sophia Tolstaya created new breakfast, lunch and tea-time menus. The earls home was frequented by guests, and Leo himself had special affinity to food in different periods of his life. All Sophias recipes created over many years, all her little secrets were collected by her brother Stepan Bers. He reworked Sophias diaries, her letters, her recorded conversations with the cook. In 1874, Stepan made a present to his sister and published œThe Cookbook in a single copy.
As the time passed, the book, initially created as a joking collection, evolved into a unique source of inspiration, a source of special knowledge.
First of all, this book is about the intricacies of Russian and French cuisines. Today, these recipes cannot be recreated without special research. Not only have we lost the old ways of cooking particular products, but also lost the understanding of taste combinations. Want to hear excited voices praising your work? Open the book at page 13, take the first recipe and get going.
Another unobvious effect of this book is the transformation of any dull party into your favorite scene. Tolstoys fans know very well that food and eating in his legendary novels are treated very delicately, and the very act of eating is like a parallel storyline. You can now easily organize a dinner in Anna Karenina Kittys style, or host a warm and hearty dinner in the Rostovs family style.
It is so important that you break out from the mundane gastronomic routine, surprise your friends, give your holiday a touch or a royal feast, feel the power of love and family traditions. Why dont you do it by following the advice and recommendations of the worthiest of all wives and mothers “ the great Sophia Tolstaya? Each lunch as an adventure. Each dinner as a journey. Each dish as a separate object for discussion and recollection.
Lets ask again, where does the reputation of a good housewife come from?
In equal proportions “ a local supermarket around the corner, your readiness to do something special, and this recipe collection as a gift from the great. You are offered an endless number of scenarios for dinners with family, friends, mundane or festive. All you need to do is to start cooking and enjoy the process. And even if you look at the very end of it, the story will be just as good, or even better. And thats a sign of a real masterpiece.

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