Managerial Communication

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Managerial Communication
Managerial Communication (Corporate Communication Collection) by Reginald L. Bell
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1606499726 | 160 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Corporate crime in America continues unabated. Billions have been lost or misappropriated by supposedly greedy and corrupt executives aided and abetted by their silenced sycophants or their fearful employees. What incites people to so blatantly and callously abuse their power to the detriment of hundreds if not thousands of others who in good faith are relying on their stewardship? What might explain why those not directly culpable but who are witnesses to these dark deeds do not speak up or publicly disassociate themselves from clearly dishonest activities? Surely not everyone is greedy, dishonest, or cowardly? Why the collusion? Why the silence? This book answers some of these critical, urgent and morally significant questions. It explores the root causes that lead to dishonest stewards and a corporate culture of moral malaise. It discusses the systemic factors inherent in the capitalist system that can create potent ethical tensions within business corporations. These ethical tensions can manifest themselves in ruthless power dynamics and a culture of fear that damages the moral compass of many of those in positions of power and leadership. This book helps managers critically evaluate their values and ethical principles so that they can make thoughtful interventions or credible challenges to those who promote immoral or corrupt behavior. By providing an easy to use moral reasoning framework, the reader can critically process ethical dilemmas and find grounds that will edify their moral courage to speak up and challenge those who are promoting immoral behavior. Most importantly this book provides pragmatic suggestions and ideas for moral coping strategies that can be put to immediate effect on Monday morning.



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