Natural Fiber Composites

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Natural Fiber Composites
R.D.S.G. Campilho, "Natural Fiber Composites"
English | ISBN: 1482239000 | 2015 | 368 pages | PDF | 16 MB

Safely Design, Test, and Construct Products Made of Natural Fiber Composites
Natural fibers and their composites carry distinct advantages over industrial fibers. Some advantages―including renewability and availability of raw materials, and lower energy consumption―could help safeguard environmental resources and eventually replace synthetic composites and conventional materials. Natural Fiber Composites explores the growing use of natural fibers in composites and covers material properties, treatment and processing, modeling, applications, design, and other vital information on this subject.

Improve the Strength of Manufactured Composites, and Determine the Best Processing Technique
Incorporating independent pieces written by a team of international contributors, this book enables readers to analyze and design structural components using state-of-the-art information and methods. It provides an overview of natural fiber composites, details the superior specific mechanical properties of these materials, and presents development techniques and design case studies that can improve performance and enhance the process.

Natural Fiber Composites evaluates the value of natural fibers in composite materials, and offers introductory knowledge on natural fiber composites backed by internationally recognized experts in the field.


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