Network Access, Regulation and Antitrust

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2005 | ISBN: 0203021118 0415700795 9780415700795 9780203021118 | 286 pages | PDF | 6 MB

Part I focuses on five key topics that are fundamental to reasoned analysis of the access problem in antitrust enforcement actions or regulatory policy: natural monopoly and network externalities, tipping, essential facilities, access pricing and access remedies.
Part II presents ten case studies of network access: freight railroads, electricity transmission, natural gas pipelines, local telecommunications, long distance telecommunications, broadband, automated teller machines, internet browsers, internet-based airline and travel services, and online music.
Part III draws out relevant comparisons and contrasts from the key topics and case studies to develop a number of policy recommendations.

The book will prove invaluable to students of business, economics, law and economics, and industrial economics. This book will also be of interest to policymakers and academics working in this field.

Part I. Key topics
Preface to part I
Topic 1 Networks and natural monopoly
Topic 2 Tipping
Topic 3 The essential facility doctrine A brief overview
Topic 4 Access pricing and the "efficient component pricing rule"
Topic 5 Access remedies after Trinko
Part II. Case studies
Preface to part n
Case 1 Freight railroads
Case 2 Electricity transmission
Case 3 Natural gas pipelines
Case 4 Local telecommunications
Case 5 Long distance telecommunications
Case 6 Broadband
Case 7 Automated teller machines
Case 8 Internet browsers
Case 9 Internet-based airline and travel services
Case 10 Online music
Part III. Lessons learned and policy recommendations
Lessons learned and policy recommendations
Annotated bibliography
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