On Mental Growth: Bion's Ideas that Transform the Psychoanalytical Clinical Practice

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On Mental Growth: Bion's Ideas that Transform the Psychoanalytical Clinical Practice

English | 2017 | ISBN: 178220380X | 224 pages | PDF | 10,7 MB

Psychoanalysis is indebted to Bion for some of its most original moments. He took it to its limits, establishing a dialogue with other disciplines, arts and science. This dialogue generated innovating questions that transformed the psychoanalytical technique. Bion conceives the mind as a universe expanding, and psychoanalysis as a powerful, disruptive idea. His hypotheses transform psychoanalytical clinical practice through its transformative model of mental growth. Bion extends our understanding of protomental and pre-natal phenomena, the mysterious transformations in hallucinosis, and the role of psychoanalytical intuition.

Psychoanalysis needs to include and incorporate emotional experiences that cannot immediately be apprehended by the senses, just as post-Newtonian physics has come to access infrasensorial phenomena. The Copernican revolution that Bion introduced is implied in his ideas of catastrophic change, transformations, and "at-one-ment", which imply a new conception of analysis–not only as a process towards knowing oneself, but also to be in at-one-ment with what one is becoming. The chapters containing theoretical and abstract notions are followed by discussions of contemporary film, used as clinical illustration. The final chapter, concerning the primitive mind in Bion, has an original approach with its elaboration of the concept of "tropisms".

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