Overdue and Presumed Lost: The Story of the USS Bullhead by Martin Sheridan

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Overdue and Presumed Lost: The Story of the USS Bullhead (Repost)
Martin Sheridan, "Overdue and Presumed Lost: The Story of the USS Bullhead"
2013 | pages: 128 | ISBN: 1591147867 | MOBI | 4,9 mb

The USS Bullhead was the last American naval vessel lost in World War II. This history of the submarine–from launch to disappearance–is told by the only war correspondent allowed on a wartime submarine patrol. Narrow escapes from floating mines, fast dives to avoid enemy aircraft, and a daring sortie to rescue three badly hurt survivors of a downed B-25 are just a few of the adventures Martin Sheridan recounts. Trained as a feature writer, he shares his own experiences as well as the humorous and poignant incidents of everyday life aboard the submarine to capture that intangible spirit of camaraderie and sense of impending danger.
First published in 1947, the narrative is based on a journal the author kept during the Bullhead's first war patrol in March and April 1945 and supplemental information from official Navy reports. The book, supported by a unique collection of period photographs, describes the perilous undersea war in the Pacific as only a firsthand account can.

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