Polyphosphazenes for Medical Applications

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Polyphosphazenes for Medical Applications (Repost)
Polyphosphazenes for Medical Applications By Ian Teasdale, Oliver Brüggemann
2014 | 214 Pages | ISBN: 1909030880 | PDF | 19 MB

Polyphosphazenes are a unique family of inorganic polymers with an unparalleled broad spectrum of properties. Furthermore, these properties can be easily fine-tuned by organic side-group substituents to give poly(organo)phosphazenes with precisely desired characteristics making them valuable tools to prepare multifunctional, advanced materials for biomedical applications. Bioerodible poly(organo)phosphazenes are of particular interest and with suitable organic substituents their rate of degradation can be tailored to give materials ranging from highly biostable to rapidly hydrolysable, with proven biocompatibility and nontoxic products. This volume provides an overview of the current state of development of poly(organo)phosphazenes designed specifically for use in medical applications. The objective is firstly to provide detailed information on the latest preparation techniques to synthesise well-defined, customised materials for the desired application. Secondly, a detailed review of the most recent data for application studies in medicine is provided, with particular focus given to their applications as macromolecular carriers in nanomedicine, including drug delivery, immunology and gene therapy, as well as their use as degradable scaffolds for tissue regeneration. This book should not only provide a valuable and critical summary for researchers already working in, or looking to enter the field, but also those contemplating the use of polyphosphazenes for their desired application.

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