Sellers From Mars and Buyers From Venus: Elements of Nature Meet B2B Sales

Sellers From Mars and Buyers From Venus: Elements of Nature Meet B2B Sales

English | August 20, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0935RQQ16 | 153 pages | EPUB | 1.73 Mb

About the Book
The book presents a unique methodology based on the five elements found in nature (Chinese medicine, Feng Shui and Ayurveda) to understand and predict human behaviour in the context of B2B sales. The key takeaways are
B2B sales cycles are complex, long-drawn processes requiring gathering intelligence and understanding the buyer's preferences, thinking, and modus operandi.
The book applies the ancient methodology of the five elements (creation and destruction cycles) to provide insights into buyers' and sellers' behavioural and engagement styles.
It helps anticipate how individuals will behave based on their elemental attributes, allowing for more effective positioning, negotiation, and influence strategies.
The book offers guidance on identifying the most suitable sales representatives for different buyers and how sales teams should engage with various stakeholders in the sales value chain.
The concepts can be applied beyond B2B sales, making the book valuable for professionals in conflict resolution, team building, negotiations, and project management, where understanding human behaviour is crucial.
In essence, the book presents a unique, ancient methodology to understand better and navigate human behaviour, specifically tailored for the complexities of the B2B sales process.

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