The Concise Blue Book of French Verbs


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The Concise Blue Book of French Verbs
The Concise Blue Book of French Verbs (Big Book Series) by David Stillman and Ronni Gordon
English, French | 2011 | ISBN: 0071761071 | 464 pages | EPUB | 73 MB

Add weight to your French verb choices without breaking your back(pack)!

In one compact package, The Concise Blue Pocket Book of French Verbs provides 333 of the most important verbs in French in full conjugated form. Each verb is illustrated by example sentences, showing the verb in action. The top 33 verbs are broken down into groups according to key meanings, use with prepositions, and key idiomatic expressions. In addition, the Verb Index links over 2,300 verbs to the verb conjugations.

Online you will find a companion website that provides you with extensive bonus content–more than 100 exercises that give you a dynamic way to build your mastery of the French verb system.


A diagnostic test
Audio exercises to improve your listening comprehension
Additional exercises that focus on your idiomatic usage of verbs
Audio recordings of example sentences to show the Top 30 verbs is use
Traditional verb conjugations combined with online exercises + audio

Topics include: French Tense Profiles; 333 Fully Conjugated Verbs; English-French Verb Index; Irregular Verb Form Index; French Verb Index

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