The Sales Focused CEO: Looking at Business Through a New Lens

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The Sales Focused CEO: Looking at Business Through a New Lens
The Sales Focused CEO: Looking at Business Through a New Lens by Adele Crane
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1522829695 | 204 pages | azw3 | 0,4 MB

Companies fear looking at changes or improvements to their sales forces for good reason: sales are the engine that drives revenue. No matter how patched up or sputtering that engine may be, the mere thought of overhauling it fills CEOs and senior executives alike with dread. Companies will make ongoing, piecemeal repairs as long as they can in a vain attempt to keep revenue flowing. They will tolerate behavior and performance from sales and marketing that would not be tolerated in any other areas of the business. For CEOs, there comes a point where changes or improvements must be made to these two areas of a business if growth is to continue. The world is not static, and sales and marketing organizations cannot be allowed to stagnate and to operate using now-primitive thinking. These business units are the last frontier for CEOs to address in business improvement. Fear of the unknown, and the use of the wrong lens for viewing the business, are the greatest barriers to overcome. The first step for any CEO is to become empowered with the knowledge of how the sales and marketing business should function; only then can he or she hope to become competitive and deliver profitable growth in todays ultracompetitive market. Most of the information that people are exposed to has been written by former middle managers of sales and marketing units. Such information is narrow in content and is focused on compensation plans, training, and ingenuous reporting. This book is written by a CEO, for CEOs like you, and is based on more than twenty-five years of consulting with CEOs in business turnarounds and profit improvement. This work views the broader demands of business that you, as a sales focused CEO, must deal with; it establishes the thinking that you will require for reassessing your marketing and sales forces. This book gives you a new lens for viewing your business and teaches you how to become a sales focused CEO. It will assist CEOs like you in joining the minority of leaders who are capable of achieving strategy execution; such leaders can achieve growth of 25 to 40 percent through the change process in shorter time frames. If you want to change your companys results, then The Sales Focused CEO is a must-read!

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