The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume 1


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The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume 1
Donald Shondell, Cecile Reynaud, "The Volleyball Coaching Bible, Volume 1"
English | 2002 | ISBN: 0736039678 | PDF | pages: 384 | 18,2 mb

Now, for the first time in the sport of volleyball, you can learn from the most successful U.S. coaches and apply their approaches to your own program. In The Volleyball Coaching Bible, 24 of the top U.S. men's and women's volleyball coaches share their principles, insights, strategies, methods, and experiences to help you learn new and better ways to coach the game and develop your players.

From Mike Hebert's chapter on setting goals to Russ Rose's chapter on productive practices and Mary Wise's chapter on serving, this book provides the full-court coverage you've been looking for. The vast amounts of new information“ spanning more than three decades“are divided into five sections, making it easy to choose what to implement in your program:

Coaching Principles and Priorities by Mark Pavlik, Mike Hebert, and Jona Braden
Program Building and Management by Doug Beal, Terry Pettit, John Dunning, Dave Shondell, and Tom Pingel
Innovative and Effective Practice Sessions by Russ Rose, Mary Jo Peppler, Bill Neville, and John Cook
Individual Skills and Team Tactics by Mary Wise, Steve Shondell, Teri Clemens, Paula Weishoff, Jim Stone, Rudy Suwara, Fred Sturm, Peter Hanson, and Taras Liskevych
Game-Winning and Tournament-Winning Strategies by Pete Waite, Jim Coleman, and Al Scates

Each time you open this book you'll learn something new from some of the most respected names in the game. Whether you need guidance on conditioning, coaching, scouting, or scoring, The Volleyball Coaching Bible provides you with the game plan for building a winning program.

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