To The Principal

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To The Principal

Shankar Musafir, "To The Principal"
2011 | ISBN-10: 9381115931 | 146 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Here at last is a down-to-earth, written with humour and largeness of spirit, about the day-to-day practices of schools, which if reinvented, could make them into dynamic learning environments rather than what they are today. The book looks at how every aspect of school life can be made meaningful for a child's education in a brave, new world. With a practical and inquisitive approach, the book explores aspects of school life, including experiments, practicals, examinations, civil society, teacher's training, the library, the art room, the Principal's office, school administration and so on. The reader is taken on an eye-opening and irresistable tour of the school… to places and spaces we all take for granted… but which, perhaps, need to be reinvented for a modern era. The author looks at the small yet important things in schools and their impact on the modern child. How can we reinvent these things bearing in mind that children clearly question their merit and value in their contemporary lives? Do the singing of patriotic songs and flag hoisting mean anything to the child in the audience? Does it connect him/her in any way to the concept of individual and collective freedom and Indian sovreignity? What should schools do? Shankir Musafir brings his extensive experience as an educationist to put together ideas, solutions and suggestions to create a meaningful educational experience for every teacher, administrator and school child.

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