Visual Cryptography and Its Applications

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"Visual Cryptography and Its Applications" by Jonathan Weir and WeiQi Yan
BoBoCoAe | 2015 | ISBN: 8740301265 9788740301267 | 163 pages | PDF | 11 MB
In this book, one of data security methods known as visual cryptography (VC) is presented.

Specifically, visual cryptography allows effective and efficient secret sharing between a number of trusted parties. As with many cryptographic schemes, trust is the most difficult part. Visual cryptography provides a very powerful technique by which one secret can be distributed into two or more shares.
Practical VC applications are also outlined. These applications involve the use of Moire patterns and watermarking techniques. Detailed analysis of the watermarking domain is presented along with various techniques and schemes that can incorporate VC successfully within the field of watermarking.
The foundations of these techniques are reviewed and examples provided.

1. Traditional Visual Cryptography
1.1. Secret Sharing
1.2. Visual Cryptography
1.3. Size Invariant Visual Cryptography
1.4. Recursive Visual Cryptography
1.5. Analysis of Visual Cryptography
1.6. Mathematical Background
1.7. Analysis in the Frequency Domain
2. Extended Visual Cryptography
2.1. Extended Visual Cryptography
2.2. Halftone Visual Cryptography
2.3. Cheating Immune VC Schemes
2.4. Dot-Size Variant Visual Cryptography
2.5. Summary
3. Dynamic Visual Cryptography
3.1. Motivation
3.2. Basic Multiple Secret Sharing
3.3. Embedding a Share of Visual Cryptography in a Halftone Image
4. Colour Visual Cryptography
4.1. Colour Visual Cryptography
4.2. Image Sharing Using Random Masks
4.3. Quality Evaluation
4.4. Summary
5. Progressive Visual Cryptography
5.1. Motivation
5.2. Progressive Visual Cryptography
5.3. Summary
6. Image Hatching for Visual Cryptography
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Image Hatching with VC
6.3. Security Analysis
6.4. Summary
7. Applications for Visual Cryptography
7.1. Moire Patterns
7.2. Watermarking
7.3. Criteria for Evaluation Purposes
7.4. Summary
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