Wireless Mesh Networks by Nobuo Funabiki

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"Wireless Mesh Networks" ed. by Nobuo Funabiki
Second Edition
ITAe | 2015 | ISBN: 9533075198 | 318 pages | PDF | 11 MB
The book is edited to specify some problems that come from the disadvantages in wireless mesh network and give their solutions with challenges. This book can be useful as a reference for researchers, engineers, students and educators who have some backgrounds in computer networks, and who have interest in wireless mesh network

The contents of this book consist of two parts: Part I covers the fundamental technical issues in wireless mesh network, and Part II the administrative technical issues in wireless mesh network.

The rapid advancements of low-cost small-size devices for wireless communications with their international standards and broadband backbone networks using optical fibers accelerate the deployment of wireless networks around the world. The wireless mesh network has emerged as the generalization of the conventional wireless network. However, wireless mesh network has several problems to be solved before being deployed as the fundamental network infrastructure for daily use.

Part 1 Fundamental Technical Issues in Wireless Mesh Networks
1 Optimal Control of Transmission Power Management in Wireless Backbone Mesh Networks
2 Access-Point Allocation Algorithms for Scalable Wireless Internet-Access Mesh Networks
3 Performance Analysis of MAC Protocols for Location-Independent End-to-end Delay in Multi-hop Wireless Mesh Networks
4 Self-adaptive Multi-channel MAC for Wireless Mesh Networks
5 A Layered Routing Architecture for Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks
6 Trends and Challenges for Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for Wireless Mesh Networks
Part 2 Administrative Technical Issues in Wireless Mesh Networks
7 On the Capacity and Scalability of Wireless Mesh Networks
8 The Performance of Wireless Mesh Networks with Apparent Link Failures
9 Pursuing Credibility in Performance Evaluation of VoIP Over Wireless Mesh Networks
10 Virtual Home Region Multi-hash Location Management Service (VIMLOC)for Large-Scale Wireless Mesh Networks
11 Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks
12 Wireless Service Pricing under Multiple Competitive Providers and Congestion-sensitive Users
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