WordPress Quick Guide: Install a Better Comment System by Elias Ericson

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WordPress Quick Guide: Install a Better Comment System

English | 19 Jun. 2017 | ASIN: B072YT6916 | 11 Pages | PDF.,EPUB | 3 MB

This part looks on how to change the default comment system in WordPress and add a better one with more functionality.

Commenting is a big part of blogging and articles online. What does other users say about the article or blog-post? It is very good for promoting and sharing. If people talk about it more people will be interested. Having a good commenting system is therefore very convenient. The default commenting system is good in WordPress, however, there are better options that are more developed on. One of these comment systems is Disqus. It is one of the most used commenting systems out there on websites and we are going to install it on a WordPress site.
There are plenty of plugins to improve the built in comment-system in WordPress. I am going to show you how to improve the current setup and install the very popular and powerful Disqus plugin.

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