How computers work: A simple explanation


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How computers work: A simple explanation

How computers work: A simple explanation by Ernie Dainow
English | April 15, 2016 | ASIN: B01EBL472U | 80 Pages | PDF (True) | 1.69 MB


This book fits in the large gap between these two extremes. It is for people who would like to understand how computers work, without having to learn a lot of technical details. The most important guideline in writing this book was to be concise and simple. To do this, only the most important things about computers are covered. There is no math except some simple arithmetic. The only pre-requisite is knowing how to use a web browser.

The book has four chapters that provide clear explanations of the fundamentals of hardware, software, the Internet and smartphones, using examples and diagrams that are easy to follow. There is little instruction on how to use a computer. That is covered in many other books and tutorials.

The Appendix provides an optional history for those who are interested in reading about the most important inventions and developments in the evolution of computers.

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