Rich Recipes for Kids : 2021 Power Cookbook For Healthy Protein

Rich Recipes for Kids : 2021 Power Cookbook For Healthy Protein

English | 2021 | ISBN: B09D9WRWTK | 64 pages | PDF,EPUB,AZW3 | 18.6 MB

A meal rich in proteins is essential for the child's development. This cookbook compiles a list of 30 recipes for both breakfast and main course meal ideas to serve your kids. The cooking methods are not only intriguing and delicious but also very simple to make. This protein-rich power cookbook is crafted to cater for both tightly scheduled people and those with flexible time schedules to ensure that their kids eat a healthy meal.

Proteins are vital constituents of any child’s diet. They not only aid in building replacing and maintaining body tissues, but they also strengthen their muscles. Children are generally active, and we have included other essential nutrients in their foods to energize and sustain them throughout their activities.

The book comprises of two main chapters with recipes written in a simple language and procedures that are easy to follow. Most of the inclusive ingredients are available at the grocer's shops, while others can be purchased from shops.

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