Emotional Intelligence: Change Your Life and Own Your Mind. Improve Your Social Skills for a Success at Work

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Emotional Intelligence: Change Your Life and Own Your Mind. Improve Your Social Skills for a Success at Work

English | 2020 | ASIN: B08GR3VSPB | 142 Pages | PDF/EPUB/KINDLE | 4.88 MB

It’s Important to know, that behavior is a clue to emotional intelligence. Behavior is the key to further development. Emotionally intelligent people are able to identify certain types of behaviors and certain interactions. They are able to recognize their own emotional states as well as the emotional states of others'.

Emotional intelligence has become one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace, mainly because employers are increasingly looking for people who are good team-players, who work well under pressure, and who can communicate effectively in a culturally diverse environment.

Those with high emotional intelligence have an advantage over others in the workplace mainly because they cope better under pressure, find it easier to work in multicultural environments, and being good listeners, make emphatic colleagues and potentially great leaders.

Unfortunately, most people are too self-centered and concerned only with their own problems and life and are simply not interested in others. Although this is partly due to the busy and stressful lives most of us live, it's also because our culture has only recently recognized the importance of emotional intelligence for one's wellbeing and the reasons many people struggle to develop it.

Well, do you want to improve your conversations, increase self-esteem and charisma? Then don’t worry there are techniques that will help you with these.

You will find some of the tips in the chapters of this book that include

Emotional intelligence
Components Of Emotional Intelligence
How to Develop your Emotional Intelligence
Importance of Emotional Intelligence
…….AND MORE!!!

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