VEGETABLE GARDENING: This Book Includes : Hydroponics ,Microgreens, Create Thriving Raised Bed Garden

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VEGETABLE GARDENING: This Book Includes : Hydroponics ,Microgreens, Create Thriving Raised Bed Garden

English | 2020 | ASIN: B08H37LBQ5 | 403 Pages | PDF/EPUB/KINDLE | 5.69 MB

Vertical, raised bed, diy hydroponic, container gardening are some of the most amazing gardening techniques (if not THE most amazing ) that you will do.

As a result of these astounding gardening techniques, it has now become possible for you to grow your own fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits – even though you may are limited on space or don’t have the time or energy to grow a typical garden.

Still think that this is not possible and the only way in which you can grow fruits and vegetables, is on a large plot of land? This was the kind of thinking that was had not so long ago, but this is not the case today. As a result of science and technology, it is possible to create optimum conditions in even a small pot.

Space and natural resources have become a very rare commodity and not just in the cities. But even though these cities are huge and modernized, the access to garden-fresh fruits and vegetables is almost non-existent. As we become more and more aware and concerned about how our food has been grown and processed, our desire for locally grown produce and homegrown fruits and vegetables has increased substantially.

This book covers

• Why you should have a vertical garden
• Building The Raised Bed Garden
• Arbors, arches, pergolas, trellises, planters and supports
• Containers and hanging planters
• How to care for your plants
• Types Of Hydroponic Systems

…And much more

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