Black Hat GraphQL: Attacking Next Generation APIs

Black Hat GraphQL: Attacking Next Generation APIs

English | 2023 | ISBN: 1718502842 | 436 pages | True EPUB, MOBI | 14.76 MB

Written by hackers for hackers, this hands-on book teaches penetration testers how to identify vulnerabilities in apps that use GraphQL, a data query and manipulation language for APIs adopted by major companies like Facebook and GitHub.

Black Hat GraphQL is for anyone interested in learning how to break and protect GraphQL APIs with the aid of offensive security testing. Whether you’re a penetration tester, security analyst, or software engineer, you’ll learn how to attack GraphQL APIs, develop hardening procedures, build automated security testing into your development pipeline, and validate controls, all with no prior exposure to GraphQL required.

Following an introduction to core concepts, you’ll build your lab, explore the difference between GraphQL and REST APIs, run your first query, and learn how to create custom queries.

You’ll also learn how to

Use data collection and target mapping to learn about targets
Defend APIs against denial-of-service attacks and exploit insecure configurations in GraphQL servers to gather information on hardened targets
Impersonate users and take admin-level actions on a remote server
Uncover injection-based vulnerabilities in servers, databases, and client browsers
Exploit cross-site and server-side request forgery vulnerabilities, as well as cross-site WebSocket hijacking, to force a server to request sensitive information on your behalf
Dissect vulnerability disclosure reports and review exploit code to reveal how vulnerabilities have impacted large companies

This comprehensive resource provides everything you need to defend GraphQL APIs and build secure applications. Think of it as your umbrella in a lightning storm.

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