Coaching for Optimal Energy A Guide for Executive Coaches

Coaching for Optimal Energy A Guide for Executive Coaches

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003054481 | 167 pages | True PDF | 4.88 MB

A completely new way of considering energy in executive coaching, the concept of ‘optimal energy’ is based on original research. This fresh insight and its application is a fundamental new approach for use in executive coaching.

Suboptimal energy levels in senior executives, although rarely considered, can negatively impact efficacy, feelings, behaviour and self-awareness both at work and in coaching sessions. But what is optimal energy? This needs to be addressed by executive coaches, but how? Coaching for Optimal Energy: A Guide for Executive Coaches answers these questions and challenges previous thinking on the subject. Written for executive coaches, and appropriate for anyone who works with people, for the first time in coaching literature the book gives a research-based definition of the concept of energy and examines how energy manifests in clients, analyses the influences on energy and offers clear guidance and practical ideas for addressing energy with clients.

This is an essential new resource for coaches and other practitioners who want to effectively address energy and enable clients to take action to optimise their energy in their daily lives.

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