I Know English, But I Can't Speak: The Self Study Guide to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

I Know English, But I Can't Speak: The Self Study Guide to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

English | 2018 | ISBN: 9780463062043 | 121 pages | PDF,EPUB | 3.14 MB

Have you studied English for years but still have a problem speaking?Don’t feel bad, because many students will learn English but will still have speaking problems. When speaking, good grammar can be useless if your speaking is not clear and understood by the listener. If you have studied grammar and still have a speaking problem, you need to try a different method that will focus on solving your problem.What if you had the details to improve your speaking quickly?If you want to learn English speaking, memorizing grammar lessons or attending English classes is not enough. Therefore, to improve your English speaking requires speaking skills and practice. This book is a self- study guide for improving English speaking skills. The topics in this book include: •Understand speaking problems and find the correct solutions.•Be confident•Kevin’s easy speaking rules for success•Fast Ways to practice and improve pronunciation•Learn English intonation•Improve your listening skills•Learn common phrases to begin, continue, and end real-world conversations•Tips for solving phone conversation problems•How to stay calm when you have conversation problems•Easy ways to practice with exercises and activities•Improve your vocabulary•Learning colloquial speaking phrases (phrasal verbs and idioms)•Getting focused and motivated •Fun and effective ways to learn English This book does not just tell you what is required but also gives details and exercises for success. If you follow the book and do the exercises, you will quickly see your speaking improve. You will be given the knowledge and resources, but you must use the methods if you want to improve your English speaking.

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