Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition (True EPUB, MOBI)

Python Crash Course, 3rd Edition (True EPUB, MOBI)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1718502702 | 824 pages | True EPUB, MOBI | 6.31 MB

Python Crash Course is the world’s bestselling programming book, with over 1,500,000 copies sold to date!

Since its initial debut in 2015, this critically acclaimed quick-start guide to programming has taught millions of people all over the world to write clean code, solve problems, and build custom applications in the popular language of Python. The highly anticipated third edition of Python Crash Course has been completely revised with updated code, practices, and projects—making it the ultimate launchpad for beginners to start their engines and code in Python 3!

In addition to detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrated explanations of code snippets, and fun, hands-on exercises that lock in learning, the new edition features enhanced coverage of variables, error-handling, and object-oriented programming, as well as fresh data for each chapter’s coding projects, better app deployment, and the latest libraries and tools, such as Plotly, Django, and the Tailwind CSS framework.

As you go from software installation tutorials and language-navigation basics to mastering syntax and troubleshooting, you’ll develop a solid programming foundation for the book’s increasingly complex array of projects. Create responsive 2D games, design your own web apps, and even generate interactive visualisations—all while you pick up and practice clean, universally applicable programming skills!

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