Portable DAR 2.5.11 (x64)

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Portable DAR 2.5.11 (x64)

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DAR (Disk ARchive) is a command-line utility aimed at backup and archiving of large live filesystems. It uses selective compression (not compressing already compressed files), strong encryption, may split an archive into different files of given size and provides on-the-fly hashing. It also knows how to perform full, differential, incremental and decremental backups. It provides testing, diffing, merging, listing and of course data extracting from existing archives. Archive internal's catalog allows very quick restoration of an even a single file from a very large, eventually sliced, compressed and encrypted archive.

DAR saves *all* UNIX inode types, takes care of hard links, sparse files as well as Extended Attributes (MacOS X file forks, Linux ACL, SELinux tags, user attributes), it has support for ssh and is suitable for tapes and disks (floppy, CD, DVD, hard disks, ...)

Hard link consideration;
Sparse files;
Extended attributes;
Filesystem specific attributes;
Dirty files;
Nodump flag;
One filesystem;
Cache directory tagging standard;
Differential backup;
Decremental backup;
Preventing rootkits and other malware;
Directory tree snapshot;
Selective compression;
Strong encryption;
Public key encryption;
Private key signature;
Slice hashing;
Data protection;
Direct access;
Sequential access;
Multi-volume tapes;
Archive testing;
Flat restoration;
User command between slices;
Configuration files;
Remote operations;
DAR manager;
Re-shape slices;
Archive merging.

Whats New

Minor feature: displays the archive header which is never ciphered and aborts. This feature is activated while listing archive content and adding the -aheader option. This brings the side effect to invert twolines in the archive summary (dar -l archive -q) "catalogue size" and "user comment".
Adding date format info for -w option in "dar_manager -h" usage help
Fixed several mistakes in tools.cpp leading compilation to fail under certain environments
Fixed a typo in filesystem.cpp and portability issue that lead compilation to fail under openbsd 6.0
Fixed bug in the filtering mechanism relying on file listing (-[ and -] options) that could not find an entry in the listing upon certain condition leading a file not being excluded as requested or not included as requested


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