Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! & GermanPops Orchestra - Kaleidoskop (2023)

Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! & GermanPops Orchestra - Kaleidoskop (2023)

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Contemporary Jazz, Latin Jazz, Chamber Jazz | Label: Neuklang

It was the enthusiasm for the Latin, jazz and classical genres that led orchestra director Julia H. M. Diederich to create a new orchestra in 2017 and name it Latin-Jazz Sinfónica!

However, this name is not to be taken literally, as these three styles do not cross. They had too much respect for the composers who have already written wonderful music for these respective musical styles, which could lose its charm and characteristics if these compositions were clothed in a different garb. So there is no crossover music behind this orchestra, nor is it typical Latin jazz. Diederich's goal was different: to write, together with jazz violinist and arranger Christoph König, new, modern and exciting music for the instruments from these three areas and thus create a style of her own. Above all, it was important to her not to use the orchestral musicians to decorate the jazz musicians, but to harmoniously combine their respective playing styles, their variety of timbres and their depth with the instruments, rhythms, solos and joie de vivre of the jazz musicians.

For the sound of Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! It takes all 57 musicians. It would simply be missing half of the chord if one instrument were left out to continue and complete the sound of a melody or chord. The result is a different dimension of orchestral music that surprises, moves in depth, has a lasting impact, and is as inspiring for classical music lovers as it is for jazz and film music fans, as some tracks repeatedly culminate in a moving wall of sound.

The inspiration for all the tracks on the debut album is life with all its ups and downs, challenges, inner movements and encounters. The title of the album goes back to Julia Diederich's childhood. It was the memory of the fascinating many, colorful glass stones, colors and shapes in her kaleidoscopes, which she found again in the different pieces, timbres, moods and arrangements of the instruments.

01. Just for Tonight
02. Kaleidoskop
03. El Lupo
04. Fiumicino
05. Sperare
06. Lupus
07. L'eredita
08. Carissimo
09. Little Waltz in Five (Intro)
10. Little Waltz in Five
11. The Sectret Story
12. Esperança

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