Jarvis Cocker - Tip-Top - Chansons d’ennui (2021) Mp3 / Flac / Hi-Res

Jarvis Cocker - Tip-Top - Chansons d’ennui (2021) Mp3 / Flac / Hi-Res
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Mp3 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks) / 24bit-48 kHz FLAC (tracks) | Indie Rock, Britpop, Singer-Songwriter | 43:51 | 101 / 280 / 532 MB

It all started when US film producer, screenwriter and director Wes Anderson asked Jarvis Cocker to record a new version of the song "Aline" for his new film "The French Dispatch" (2021). The 1965 French pop hit was originally sung and made famous by Christophe. The song appears in a pivotal scene in the film: The band "Tip-Top" appears on a poster in the café where the revolutionary youth of Paris gather, while the song plays on the jukebox.

After this engagement, Cocker and Anderson decided to record an entire album. No sooner said than done. "Chansons D'Ennui Tip-Top" is the name of the follow-up to "Beyond The Pale", which the British musician released in 2020 with his new band Jarv Is.

The is also on "Chansons D'Ennui Tip-Top" in the game. She embodies the band Tip-Top, whose French pop songs run through the film, twelve songs, exclusively French material from the same period as "Aline", in which Anderson's new film is set, made famous in the original by Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsburg, Jacques Dutroc, Brigitte Bardot and many more. The full track listing for "Chansons D'Ennui Tip-Top" can be found below

As the founder, frontman, lyricist and only consistent member of the band Pulp, Jarvis Cocker became a figurehead of Britpop in the mid-1990s. After Pulp's first hiatus in 2002, Cocker released his first solo album in 2006. Three more have followed to date.

1. Jarvis Cocker - Dans Ma Chambre
2. Jarvis Cocker - Contact
3. Jarvis Cocker - La Tendresse
4. Jarvis Cocker - Amour, Je Te Cherche
5. Jarvis Cocker - Les Gens Sont Fous, Les Temps Sont Flous
6. Jarvis Cocker - Il Pleut Sur La Gare
7. Jarvis Cocker - Paroles Paroles
8. Jarvis Cocker - Requiem Pour Un Con
9. Jarvis Cocker - Mon Ami La Rose
10. Jarvis Cocker - Mao Mao
11. Jarvis Cocker - Elle Et Moi
12. Jarvis Cocker - Aline

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