Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi (Bonus Tracks Edition) (2021) Mp3 / Flac

Nad Sylvan - Spiritus Mundi (Bonus Tracks Edition) (2021) Mp3 / Flac

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Pop, Rock

After completing the successful "Vampirate" trilogy (2015's "Courting the Widow," 2017's "The Bride Said No," and 2019's "The Regal Bastard"), singer Nad Sylvan has considered a different approach for his next project. The new album, "Spiritus Mundi," revolves around the poetry of Nobel Prize-winning poet William Butler Yeats (1865-1939), whom Sylvan calls "one of the finest poets to come out of Ireland."

Since he didn't have to write the lyrics himself this time, Nad had the opportunity to focus solely on the music. And since he wasn't touring due to the pandemic, he had more time to mix and perfect every aspect

The result is a collection that Sylvan calls his best work. The album marks a musical shift from Sylvan's previous releases, focusing more on the lyrics and vocals combined with beautiful orchestration and contemporary melodies

Sylvan has always managed to attract a considerable number of guest musicians to his album, and this album follows suit. Tony Levin contributes his unique skills on bass to 4 tracks, while Jonas Reingold is also featured on bass for one track. For drums, Sylvan has set their sights on The Flower Kings drummer Mirkko DeMaio. And of course, Steve Hackett makes an appearance on a track titled "To a Child Dancing in the Wind"

Nad himself sums it up, "I'm so excited about this release. Everyone who has heard it just loves it. They think this is my best album and I tend to agree with them. It's a little different than what I've done before, and that's a good thing."

1. Nad Sylvan - The Second Coming
2. Nad Sylvan - Sailing to Byzantium
3. Nad Sylvan - Cap and Bells
4. Nad Sylvan - The Realists
5. Nad Sylvan - The Stolen Child
6. Nad Sylvan - To an Isle in the Water
7. Nad Sylvan - The Hawk
8. Nad Sylvan - The Witch and the Mermaid
9. Nad Sylvan - The Fisherman
10. Nad Sylvan - You've Got to Find a Way (Bonus track)
11. Nad Sylvan - To a Child Dancing in the Wind (Bonus track)

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