Responsible Software Engineering With Real-World Case Studies from Google (Early Release)

Responsible Software Engineering With Real-World Case Studies from Google (Early Release)

English | 2024 | ISBN: 9781098149154 | 350 pages | EPUB | 3.0 MB

Today's software applications need more than a friendly interface and correct algorithms. They also need to be responsible: to be beneficial for society and not cause harm. In an era of AI chatbots, deep fake images and videos, social media bubbles, expanding privacy regulations, and a rapidly warming planet, it's more important than ever to practice responsible software engineering so your products earn your users' trust--and deserve it.

Responsible Software Engineering can help you build better applications that are more ready for real-world situations

Treating people more fairly, regardless of their beliefs, gender, culture, skin tone, and other attributes
Operating more safely, to reduce the risk of physical, psychological, or financial harm
Better protecting people's privacy, particularly when collecting personal information
Incorporating wisdom from the social sciences, law, ethics, and other fields that many engineers may be unfamiliar with
Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), to address the risks of climate change
Join Daniel J. Barrett, a senior manager at Google and long-time software engineer, to dive into these issues and more, including real-world, large-scale case studies. You'll receive expert advice on how to anticipate the effects of your application on the world and its inhabitants, so you can have more confidence that your products "do the right thing."

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