Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War (Images of War)

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Armoured Warfare in the Vietnam War (Images of War)

English | February 19, 2015 | ISBN: 1781593817 | 192 pages | AZW3 | 25 Mb

Historian and collector Michael Green shows in this fascinating and graphically illustrated book that the two wars that engulfed Indochina and North and South Vietnam over 30 years were far more armored in nature than typically thought of. By skillful use of imagery and descriptive text he describes the many variants deployed and their contribution.

The ill-fated French Expeditionary Force was largely US equipped with WW2 M3 and M5 Stuart, M4 Sherman and M24 light tanks as well as armored cars and half-tracks. Most of these eventually went to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam but were outdated and ineffective due to lack of logistics and training.

The US Army and Marine Corps buildup in the 1960s saw vast quantities of M48 Pattons, M113 APCs and many specialist variants andimprovised armored vehicles arrive in theater. The Australians brought their British Centurion tanks.

But it was the Russians, Chinese and North Vietnamese who won the day and their T-38-85 tanks, ZSU antiaircraft platforms and BTR-40 and -50 swept the Communists to victory.

This fine book brings details and images of all these diverse weaponry to the reader in one volume.


The armed conflicts in South-East Asia 1945-1975 included a greater presence of armoured fighting vehicles than previously thought, and the author sets out to present the full range of such vehicles in this new and profusely illustrated title.
Fri 12/06/2015. Source: Military Modelling

"… a vast photographic archive of the vehicles involved in the conflict. Besides the well-known examples, the reader will also find photos of less popular vehicles, such as the 90-mm full-tracked self-propelled gun M56 “Scorpion” or the improvised antiaircraft vehicle constructed by the North Vietnamese upon the chassis of the Soviet T-34/85 tank. The book is a definite “must have” for anyone interested in the history of the Vietnam War and post-WW2 armored warfare. It has great value for the money and will a great addition to a library of any military historian, collector or scale modeler.
The Armor Journal Issue 03, Summer 2015

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